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SPRING 2022 Report


The J. Abrams Jr. Learning Centre has already become a symbol of pride for the Mahero community. Many local residents helped clear the immediate surroundings and landscaped the area around the building with palms and other decorative plants that will eventually provide a unique garden setting in this village. Following delays due to Covid and supply issues, the interior is also now complete with a beautiful tile floor.

The next challenge is to furnish the building with tables and chairs for student use evenings and weekends. They will welcome this clean, well-lighted space since most do not have electricity in their homes. We hope to have some laptops for use by students and community members in the near future. An early childhood literacy corner will contain library books available to village children. Thanks to contributions from the Oregon Literacy Council, we will be able to begin stocking this corner immediately.

The work of WE Care International in Kenya is facilitated by our volunteer coordinator, Evans Omondi Ogesa whom I first met more than 10 years ago. Thanks to his commitment to community, we have completed water-related projects and educated many local students. He continues to distribute tuition payments, mentor and follow progress of current students, and relay this information to the board in Salem.


It is impossible for us to feature each student sponsored by WE Care; however, I assure you that each one comes from a unique and often tragic background ranging from family suicide, a parent with extreme mental health issues, accidents leaving children as orphans and a common thread of poverty. Students we select have all achieved high results on national exams and would be unable to continue their education without our support.

As a small nonprofit, the number of students we accept is limited. Boarding schools are often chosen for those secondary students who need a safe and productive environment in which to excel. In the Kenyan system of education, university admission is by invitation according to each student’s academic background. Vivian is a third year nursing student at Kenya Medical Training College and is currently completing an internship at Siaya Referral Hospital. As the oldest child in her family she plans to help her siblings stay in school when she begins working.

Glen comes from a traumatic family situation and is now in his junior year at Barding Boys Boarding School where he can concentrate on his studies. He is an excellent student who will certainly do well on the national exams.


  • Provide the learning center with tables, chairs, laptops and books for younger children.

  • Sustain support for the 12 university and 20 secondary students who depend on our financial assistance.

  • WE Care International is a small nonprofit making a considerable impact in one Kenyan community. It is only possible with your continued support.

Personal checks to WE Care do not result in additional charges; however, contributions can also be made using our website, Please make sure you have the correct website and that it is based in Salem, Oregon. There are other organizations that have similar names. I will respond to each donation with a receipt for tax purposes.

"Your support is greatly appreciated and is crucial to achieving the goals of WE Care International."


501 (C) (3) NONPROFIT


+ 1 503 910 8606

P. O. BOX 3862, SALEM, OR 97302


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