Thank you for making the world a better place.

Thanks | 感谢 | Gracias | 감사 | Merci | Kiitos | Vielen Dank | obrigado | Хвала | cảm ơn | شكر | Asante | ขอบคุณ | 

For Education


One uniform for a secondary student


One semester of tuition for a boarding school student


One month rent for a university student


One year of tuition for a university student


Sanitary products for female students


One year tuition and living expense for a university student


One year tuition for a local day student


Other education-related sponsorship (school meals, medical expense, emergency fund)

For water-related infrastructure


One community latrine


One community well and one water storage tank


Other water-related sponsorship (agricultural irrigation, facility maintenance...) 


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