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Water & Education Care International (WE Care) continues to make a significant impact in the Kenyan village of Mahero and in the lives of promising students who would not otherwise be able to continue their studies. We want each donor to know their support directly offers these young people opportunities beyond their imagining before WE Care.


Education is our ticket to a better life.

Consider Vivian. She has just begun her studies at Kenya Medical Training College in Kisumu where she is pursuing a degree in nursing. WE Care sponsored her when she was struggling to attend secondary school and her mother was unable to pay fees, purchase books, and the required uniform. Her father committed suicide when she was ten years old, and her mother does odd jobs on farms when work is available. In spite of her many challenges, Vivian graduated last year from Mahero Secondary School with the top grades in her class. She says that she has seen much sickness in the community and wants to save lives. WE Care is proud to sponsor students like Vivian who will break the cycle of poverty that plagues their families, become independent, and contribute to their communities.


All of our students come from humble backgrounds. Each has overcome extreme challenges and attained superior national test results in order to be invited to attend a university. Classes have continued uninterrupted online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Each student has a laptop and works from his or her room near the university since internet access, and often even electricity, is unavailable at their rural homes.

University students currently sponsored by WE Care include Vivian, Sharline, Jenter, Janet, Joseph, James and David. Joseph was elected to represent handicapped students at his university and was recently interviewed on TV as part of a feature called Abled Differently. We are extremely proud of his involvement and accomplishments. All of our students show exceptional promise.


WE Care is pleased to report that three community projects made possible by a generous donation from Jim Abrams of Austin, TX have been completed.

• Operation of a community well drilled two years ago converted from electricity to solar power • Installation of gutters and 10,000 liter storage tank at Mahero High School to provide clean water for improved personal hygiene • Construction of a new latrine facility for girls at Mahero school



Our priority is to continue sponsoring current students enrolled in university and secondary classes. We are not accepting additional students at this time.

• Annual support per university student: $1,100 covers tuition, fees, books, and $1,200 ($100 monthly) for lodging and food stipend. • Boarding school for nine secondary students: $500 covers tuition, books, uniform, room and board for each student. • Day school for ten secondary students: $300 each


WE Care is an all-volunteer organization. Expenses are limited to banking and legal fees, printing and mailing, totaling approximately $500 annually.

Your generous donations have helped us reach this point. It is my hope that in spite of the current economy and pandemic that WE Care can meet the budget projection for 2021. Any size donation is appreciated. I invite you to share our story with family or friends who might be interested in supporting students in rural Kenya.

Personal checks to WE Care do not result in additional charges; however, contributions can also be made using our website, Please make sure you have the correct website and that it is based in Salem, Oregon. There are other organizations that have similar names. I will respond to each donation with a receipt for tax purposes.

Thank you again for your loyalty and support.



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