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“Papa, I can not find the appropriate words to express the profound gratitude I feel toward you.

And I cannot stop thinking about it.

The dream of achieving what and who I always wanted to be is now becoming a reality with such unconceivable ease I could never have imagined in this life.

Thank you so very much for everything, Papa.

I find myself being one of a privileged generation of young people succeeding in the most coveted studies in Mali. (translated from French)”

- Adama

It is an expression of gratitude received recently from a sponsored student, Adama, as he completes his ten years of medical studies. He is the first student sponsored by the founder and the organization.


As 2019 draws to a close, we are pleased to see that it was another productive year. We are honored to share new stories and project progress with you. Thanks to the combined effort of everyone involved, we can keep our commitment of allocating over 96% of total donations to students and on-going programs in Mahero, a village in Western Kenya. We want to use this report to provide you detail information for this year.

Our team has been continuing the mission of empowering disadvantaged communities through education and water infrastructure development. Here are remarkable achievements and milestones we reached throughout 2019:

  • From last year’s Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency, the world's largest hub of nonprofit information. We received the Platinum Seal of Transparency this year, putting more effort into reflecting our values: integrity, empowerment, community, and good stewardship into practice.

  • We received our 1st $10,000 one-time donation for our water-related infrastructure building projects, including maintenance of the existing facilities, building a new community latrine that exclusively for ladies and young children in the village. Providing higher privacy for ladies, better health condition for villagers, and eliminate water-related diseases away from students.

  • We have initiated the Emergency Reserve Fund (ERF) for all sponsored students. The board is committed to matching the donation up to $2,000. The fund is restricted for providing an immediate solution for urgent and severe situations includes tragedy, medication, and disease treatment.


WE Care International continues to support the following University Students:

  • Adama will soon complete his training in radiology at Bamako University. He is working with a group of neurosurgeons to determine the subject of his final dissertation and, following its defense, he will join the small group of radiologists in Mali.

  • James studies at Masai Mara University, where he pursues a degree in Hospitality and Tourism. His course work includes “bushmanship,” spending time studying conservation issues in the Masai Mara wildlife reserve of Kenya.

  • Joseph continues course work at Mt. Kenya University in Nairobi leading to a degree in Accounting. Joseph has been elected to represent the disabled students of the university, has given interviews on national television and is an advocate for the rights of disabled persons in Kenya.

  • Sharline pursues a bachelor’s degree in education with an emphasis on history and religion at KCA University in Nairobi. She plans a career in teaching.

  • Jenter is enrolled at Kiriri Woman’s University of Science and Technology where she studies computer science.

All of these students come from impoverished families unable to pay university expenses. Thanks to donors like you, they will escape poverty, help their families, and improve the lives of many others in the course of their careers.

WE Care International continues to support the following Secondary Students:

WE Care International has sponsored fourteen high school students for the 2019 school year and will continue current support for 2020. Some students attend the local school while others attend boarding schools. Results on national exams determine admission to university and course of study.

Funding current students in 2020 will require $12,000. We appreciate your past support and hope that you help us reach this goal. The positive impact WE Care International is making in the Mahero community, and the lives of promising young people will be felt for many years to come.

Water-related Infrastructure Building

Thanks to a recent donation targeting water-related projects, we have begun three much needed improvements.

  • WE Care International is in the process of installing solar panels to power the pump in the well we drilled last year. Electricity has been less reliable and more expensive than anticipated, so changing to solar power will be more dependable and sustainable.

  • A new latrine for girls is under construction at Mahero School. The facility will include six toilet stalls with cement floors and secure doors. This year WE Care International has been able to provide girls with sanitary products, so they no longer miss classes during their period.

  • Gutters are being installed on one of the newer school buildings so that rainwater can be harvested to fill a 10,000-liter tank. The school will have adequate water for drinking and improved hygiene.

Funding current projects and future maintenance in 2020 will require $12,000. We appreciate your past support and hope that you help us reach this goal. The positive impact WE Care International is making in the Mahero community, and the lives of promising young people will be felt for many years to come.

Ways to donate

WE Care International is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with nearly 100% (>96%) of all funds being used to support students, maintain community water projects, or provide microfinance for innovative ideas. Donations received before January 1, 2020, will be acknowledged with a tax-deductible receipt for the 2019 tax year. We accept Paypal or personal check for donations.

For online donation, please visit either of the following links:


Contributions by check made payable to WATER AND EDUCATION CARE INTERNATIONAL

Water and Education Care International P.O. Box 3862 Salem, OR 97302

We are changing lives. Thank you again for your support.

We wish you happy holidays!

Warm Regards,

Water and Education Care International

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