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WINTER 2021 Report



Jenter says that it was a ‘miracle’ that she was connected with WE Care. Her family was living in a primitive tent having been displaced by flooding of the Nzoia River when we learned of her situation. Her parents depend mostly on small-scale farming and “at times they can't

even make a daily living.” She is currently completing her third year at Kiriri Women's University of Technology in Nairobi where she studies computer science.

“Being supported by sponsors who pay my fees and give me an upkeep monthly is really a privilege to me as it permits me to continue with my studies and promos and to work hard always for a better future.”

“Am so grateful since without you being supportive and always being there for me I couldn’t have been where I am now. Much thankful and may God bless you always.”


“I have a lot of academic dreams to work on and also community engagements and initiatives.” He states that it is due to our unending support that he has the ability to undertake his many activities.

Growing up with a disability, Joseph continues to amaze us with his dedication, ambition, and determination. In addition to excelling in his studies of economics and statistics at Mt. Kenya University, he has been instrumental in raising awareness for issues affecting students with disabilities and promoting access and inclusion for them in all aspects of life.

Joseph has participated in numerous forums, TV interviews and conferences focused on the needs of persons with disabilities. In addition to his other activities, he was accepted as a member of the university Tae Kwon Do team that competes internationally.



My sincere thanks to everyone who has supported WE Care International. You have helped us educate many students who would not otherwise have been able to pursue their dreams. When I personally sponsored my first student nearly 20 years ago I had no idea that my work in a rural Kenyan community would include excavating a reservoir, drilling a village well, building latrines, installing solar panels, and supporting over 40 secondary and university students. By establishing Water and Education Care International as a 501(c)(3), I was able to expand both the donor base and the scope of possible projects. When the resource center is complete and furnished WE Care will focus on insuring current students the opportunity and support needed to complete their education. I hope you will continue to help me reach that goal. The following chart will provide information on our expenses, a bargain compared to U.S. education.

Representative costs per student per academic year

  • Local day students $200

  • Boarding school students $500 tuition, room and board

  • University students $700 – 1200 / yr. depending on the university

  • Living allowance for university students when required $100 / mo.



Personal checks to WE Care do not result in additional charges; however, contributions can also be made using our website, Please make sure you have the correct website and that it is based in Salem, Oregon. There are other organizations that have similar names. I will respond to each donation with a receipt for tax purposes.

"Your support is greatly appreciated and is crucial to achieving the goals of WE Care International."



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