Meet The Team

Jon Steiner


Each educated individual will touch the lives of many others. Since my retirement from teaching, I have been fortunate to assist students in Mali, Cambodia, Laos, and Kenya to achieve their dreams. While spending time with students and families in rural Kenya, I have observed another desperate need: access to clean drinking water. The goal of WE Care International is to address these two basic human needs.

Joanne Sandhu


WE Care International is nourishing the roots of hope by helping students achieve their dreams and by addressing the basic human need for water. Jon's kindness has already impacted African families by helping students complete their education. I am grateful for the opportunity to join and support the efforts of WE Care International.

Richard Litchfield

Board Member

I am a retired orthodontist in Eugene and he has been training young professionals in Vietnam for the past 20 years. I realizes the value of education in developing countries and supports WE Care International in its outreach. 

Shanbo Zhang

Vice President

Philanthropy is an investment for social impact. I believe an accountable and effective management system is essential to maximize social benefits from available resources. I am eager to contribute my values to W.E Care International to achieve its missions and resolve critical challenges for our communities.

Jeff Steiner

Board Member

I'm honored to serve on the board of WE Care International due to the fact that clean water and educational advancement in Africa are both very important issues facing them today.  Any way we can help foster a "can do" attitude to those receiving our contributions will help reap more benefits for their communities in the near future.

Carl Meisel


Community Development Coordinators


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