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Of WE Care International support, Joseph said, “It is your unending support that has given me the ability to move in all my undertakings. I have a lot of academic dreams to work on and also community engagements and initiatives.”

Joseph’s success story reflects the mission of WE Care International. He is the only son, the oldest of seven children. His early education began when the family lived in a Nairobi slum where his parents could barely afford to clothe or send him to school. He injured his arm in a fall at age eight and, due to lack of medical attention, it became a permanent handicap. Following political unrest, the family was forced to return to their paternal homeland in the western part of Kenya, where they struggled to survive. He even wore his father’s trousers and oversized shoes to school because he lacked essential clothing.

In 2016, WE Care founder, Jon Steiner, saw Joseph studying at a table on the school grounds of a rural secondary school even though no classes were being held that day. A school administrator explained that Joseph was a motivated student who achieved high grades but that it was unlikely that he would be able to continue his education. WE Care began supporting him to concentrate on his studies, and Joseph proved his abilities by receiving an invitation to attend Mt. Kenya University.

In addition to excelling in his chosen field of economics and statistics, Joseph has become a spokesperson and leader in promoting the needs of disabled persons. He was elected to leadership positions and has appeared in regional forums, seminars, and TV interviews representing the handicapped community. Most recently, Joseph was invited to discuss special needs issues at the Rotary Club of Mt. Kenya University. He is also a proud member of the university Taekwondo team and traveling to their international competitions.

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